Maximize the case yield of your surgery center's scheduling process
Find out how with SCOR.



SCOR is an intelligent and user-friendly scheduling request and case communications portal that keeps surgery centers and their physicians in-sync.

Half_monitor_NewReqPopupTraditional case scheduling can be a chaotic, inefficient, and costly process for medical facilities and physicians’ offices. Most facilities still rely on faxes and phone calls, which are inefficient, inconvenient and lacking in reliability.

SCOR transforms surgery scheduling from an opaque and unpredictable process into a structured, manageable and convenient process which doesn’t sacrifice the surgery center’s control over its schedule.


SCOR helps the Surgery Center:

  • Maximize Performed Cases

  • Increase Scheduling Efficiency for Physicians and the Surgery Center

  • Improve Reliability of the Scheduling Process

  • Decrease Scheduling Errors and Case Cancellations


If you are still relying on conventional phone and fax based case scheduling, you are costing your surgery center performed cases.

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Bring your surgery scheduling and case communications into the 21st century. Find out what the automation, intelligence and high availability of SCOR can do for your surgery center with a no-risk free trial.


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I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this new system (SCOR)! Makes my life EASY!

Katie Colwell
MD Surgery Scheduler
Orthopedic Practice, KS

It’s easy to use.  You can track everything online. I especially love the messaging system.  It saves me lots of phone calls.”

Karen Henry
MD Surgery Scheduler
Central Ohio Urology

I’m the office manager, I book cases and pre-cert all of the surgeries, the CAT scans, the MRIs, and then I do the accounts receivable. Now I’m able to do all of these jobs and not be behind the 8-ball. SCOR is amazing.

Jane Ireland
MD Office Manager & Surgery Scheduler
Parker Ear Nose & Throat of Norwalk