SCOR™ Scheduling Portal
The end of inefficient scheduling and missed case opportunities.

How does SCOR™ benefit the MD Practice?

The physician practice is the key consumer of surgery center services. Making sure that scheduling cases with your facility is as easy, convenient and reliable as possible is key to any surgery center’s success.

Today’s surgery scheduler needs the surgery scheduling process to be simple and efficient, as well as reliable and uneventful. They need a process they can trust, because they don’t have time for anything else.

SCOR changes the surgery scheduling process from a haphazard process built upon phone calls and faxes to an automated, intelligent and efficient internet-based ordering and fulfillment system.


Confirmed Request



SCOR brings much needed transparency to a heretofore opaque process, giving surgery schedulers a process that they can trust…

  • SCOR makes scheduling cases convenient for your physician practice customers.  They are no longer constrained to surgery center office hours.

  • It’s scheduling rules allows schedulers to search pre-qualified openings based on their case requirements.

  • They can search both within their block as well as designated out of block time.

  • SCOR based case requests are confirmed at a rate of 99%.


I’m the office manager, I book cases and pre-cert all of the surgeries, the CAT scans, the MRIs, and then I do the accounts receivable. Now I’m able to do all of these jobs and not be behind the 8-ball. SCOR is amazing.”

I don’t have to wait for a fax to come back to me because the person on the other end confirms [online] that the case is scheduled and it’s a done deal”

Jane Ireland
MD Practice Manager
Parker Ear Nose & Throat of Norwalk


Regardless of the time or day, when it comes to doing their surgery scheduling the physician scheduler has nothing to worry about — which means greater flexibility & time management for SCOR schedulers and their practices.

The SCOR scheduling rules engine means that physician offices can search for qualified schedule openings and make scheduling requests at anytime.

So regardless of whether its the busiest time of the day; 7AM in the morning; 6PM on a late night; or even on a weekend. The scheduler doesn’t have to worry about when they choose to do their scheduling.

The access SCOR gives [the physician scheduler] is great; just being able to go into the system, put in a surgery and know that it’s in the schedule, it’s accepted, and getting the response back from the ASC [to confirm] — they don’t have anything to worry about. ”

Amanda Mellot
ASC Scheduler
Yellowstone Surgery Center

When we schedule at another facility, [it’s] more difficult because you have to talk to a person. …You’re talking, then they put you on hold, they come back, they start shooting the breeze and something, now with SCOR that’s completed in two minutes, when I’m booking at this other facility, it now becomes seven minutes. Add up 10 cases in a day times seven and my day is shot because I’m spending so much time on scheduling. ”

Jane Ireland
MD Practice Manager
Parker Ear Nose & Throat of Norwalk

Compared to traditional scheduling, SCOR provides the MD practices with much improved access to information about their cases from the time the scheduling request is received to the time the case is performed.

  • The physician scheduler can review their scheduled cases whenever they need.

  • Its simple to communicate questions, send additional case information and make change requests.

  • They no longer have to call the surgery center to make changes or get their current case schedule.

  • Increased schedule visibility leads to a significant decrease in case cancellations due to scheduling mistakes, because errors can be caught much earlier in the process.

It’s easy to use. You can track everything online. I especially love the messaging system. It saves me lots of phone calls.”

Karen Henry
MD Surgery Scheduler
Central Ohio Urology

I can’t tell you how many times it’s helped me avoid scheduling mistakes.”
Anne Sims MD Surgery Scheduler

The SCOR feature set makes everyone more efficient and productive — all without sacrificing any of the facility’s control over the case schedule.

  • With a click the physician scheduler can notify the surgery center when a block can be release.

  • They can be given instant access to block time released by other physicians.

  • They can electronically upload patient case files to the surgery center

  • Anytime access to review and print their MD’s current case schedule.

  • With a click they can easily print turn-by-turn driving directions from the patient’s home to the ASC, reducing the chance that the patient arrives late, or misses their start time.

I must say that this is the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Why I didn’t do this from day one, I don’t know. You just get on, click, click, click and you’re done. It’s self-explanatory. You do everything they guide you to do, the schedule comes up, you’re case is on it and you’re done. It’s all done within minutes. I just love it.

Jane Ireland
MD Practice Manager

I love being able to register patients online. It’s so much easier, and I’m able to get confirmation and print directions before I’m even finished instructing the patient. ”

Linda Theobold
MD Practice Scheduler


Because SCOR™ increases the convenience, accessibility and efficiency of scheduling cases, your ASC quickly becomes the physician scheduler’s first choice, meaning a competitive advantage and more realized case opportunities for the ASC.


I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this new system (SCOR)! Makes my life EASY!

Katie Colwell
MD Surgery Scheduler
Orthopedic Practice, KS


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