Can phone & fax scheduling do this?
SCOR™ Scheduling Portal
The end of inefficient scheduling and missed case opportunities.

Can phone & fax-based scheduling do this?

    • Reduce the volume of illegible, incomplete or missing faxes

SCOR puts an end to the chaos and disruption based workflow of legacy phone and fax-based scheduling with a scheduling process that drastically improves information flow your control over the process.


    • Make it so your physician offices can make qualified scheduling requests at anytime

MD offices can use SCOR™ to search and find appropriate schedule openings at virtually anytime, even when the facility is closed. This provides physician offices with greater flexibility and time management in regards to when they choose to schedule.

The offices also get online confirmation as soon as the case is accepted onto the schedule.

SCOR™ scheduled cases are confirmed at a rate of over 99%.


  • Allow physician practices immediate access to released and open block time

SCOR™ allows users to search all the openings you want them to see. It can automatically make released block time openings available for scheduling as soon as they are released from within your local scheduling system.

    • Access to view their case schedule whenever they need

This means the ASC doesn’t have to send out a next day schedule, and that scheduling mistakes are identified before they become a problem.


    • Decrease the amount staff time required for case scheduling

SCOR™ can increase the capacity of an ASC scheduler between 50 & 75%. It can also provide significant time management benefits for the MD office schedulers.


    • Reduce late arriving patients and MDs

MD offices can print custom turn-by-turn driving directions for patients with a single click. They also have anytime access to view and print their physician’s current case schedule.  Physicians can even receive next day start time notifications.


    • Decrease case cancellations and delays

SCOR’s rules-based scheduling reduces scheduling mistakes, incomplete communications and resource conflicts. It even let’s the surgery center create rules which give them more control of how cases are schedule than they’ve ever had.


    • Increases efficiency for your MD offices

They no longer have to deal with busy signals; being put on hold; wondering if a fax went through or waiting for return calls to schedule cases or get confirmation for the cases they have scheduled.

They can even share case documents with the surgery center.


    • Improve workflow efficiency in the ASC back office

Case scheduling moves from unregulated chaos to the manageability, predictability and structure of SCOR’s rules-based scheduling process.