SCOR™ Scheduling Portal
The end of inefficient scheduling and missed case opportunities.

How does SCOR™ effect the ASC scheduling staff?

The strategic importance and complexity of the surgery center scheduler’s job is one that’s often underestimated.

As the primary architect of the surgery schedule, the surgery center scheduler sets the table for efficient operations.

The orchestration of almost all other operational events are driven by the case schedule. An optimized schedule is key to optimized surgery center efficiency. An optimal schedule all starts with the surgery center scheduler.

The second vital role the scheduler is one of customer engagement.

Half_monitor_NewReqPopupShe is the entry point through which all new business must flow through.  In this role working with physician office schedulers she is the voice and the face of your surgery center to the people that actually place the orders for your services.  This complex role involves marketing, problem solving, customer advocacy, communications and relationship management.

SCOR leverages technology to bring automation of rules, process and availability as well as more efficient and workflow friendly communications to the scheduling process.

With SCOR the scheduler has more time to focus on her most important and valuable responsibilities, and spends less time on data entry, playing phone tag, chasing information, deciphering incomplete hieroglyphic laden faxes and being weighed down by the more mundane aspects of the scheduling process.


SCOR makes surgery center schedulers more efficient and productive — all without sacrificing any of the facility’s control over the case schedule.

I can have a case scheduled in about 1 ½ minutes. The cases that are faxed over can take me anywhere from 4 to 5 minutes to input depending on the legibility, completeness, etc. It is definitely faster through SCOR.”

Nadine Hayes
ASC Scheduler
Polaris Surgery Center

The access SCOR gives [the physician scheduler] is great; just being able to go into the system, put in a surgery and know that it’s in the schedule, it’s accepted, and getting the response back from the ASC [to confirm] — they don’t have anything to worry about. It’s freed up our phone time significantly.

Amanda Mellot
ASC Scheduler
Yellowstone Surgery Center

  • By receiving complete case information, schedulers don’t have to waste time calling the MD office to complete an appointment request.

  • They no longer have to deal with incomplete, illegible or missing faxed appointment requests.

  • Appointments can be confirmed with a click without having to call or fax the MD office.

  • The time it takes to process and schedule a case request is reduced by 50-75%.

It is so much better than the constant phone tag with the physician’s office!”

Cindy Greiner
ASC Scheduler
Knightsbridge Surgery Center

I love the fact that I don’t have to fax schedules and re-fax changed schedules to all of our providers, and the messaging portion of the program saves me phone calls, which saves everyone time.

Without SCOR I couldn’t do this job alone...

Debra Gaboriault
ASC Scheduler
Pacific Surgery Center

  • They receive fewer calls from MD office looking to find out about a physician’s current case schedule, because the schedule is always available online.

  • They no longer need to waste time faxing or otherwise communicating a next-day schedule to MD practices or anesthesia personnel.

  • They don’t need to waste time communicating schedule information to 3rd party transcription personnel.




How does SCOR™ effect the MD Practice?

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How does SCOR™ effect the ASC scheduling staff?

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How does SCOR™ effect the ASC?

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