SCOR™ Scheduling Portal
The end of inefficient scheduling and missed case opportunities.

How does SCOR™ effect the ASC?

SCOR can improve the customer experience for your physician partners and patients as well as the operational efficiency of your facility.

  • More productive and efficient scheduling staff:
    Your ASC Scheduler will have more available time, and can be utilized for other functions. And because your ASC scheduling staff capacity will significantly increase, you won’t have to hire additional schedulers.
  • Error reduction:
    MD practices quickly become self-auditing and identify scheduling mistakes before they impact performance of the case.
  • Reduction in late arriving patients:
    Custom turn-by-turn driving directions help keep them on time.
  • Reduction in late arriving MDs:
    Anytime access to their schedule means they always have access to an accurate and up to date case schedule.
  • Improved facility utilization:
    Improved convenience, accessibility and ease of scheduling can help to increase MD utilization of facility — not to mention the improved accessibility of released block time.  SCOR has helped surgery centers increase their case volume by over 14%.
  • Increased accountability:
    SCOR’s audit trail means that you always know how a case was requested and who processed it.
  • Improved tracking of patients receiving rights & responsibilities and advanced Directives documentation from the MD office.


SCOR™ has made the whole scheduling process more efficient and convenient. It’s a long overdue innovation.”
David Moody
Knightsbridge Surgery Center

Significantly streamlines the scheduling process and client communications. It provides a great audit trail for changes to the schedule.”
Scott Luba
Business Office Manager
Hilton Head Island Surgery Center

SCOR™ has streamlined our whole scheduling process! Our physicians’ offices love the ease and convenience of scheduling a case here and the messaging has improved our efficiency by decreasing the amount of time spent on the phone!”
Stephanie Rubio
Executive Director
Surgery Center at Health Park

SCOR™ has significantly affected our whole scheduling process. It has saved us a ton of time on the phone and helped a lot with clarity of procedures and equipment. We could not do without it now!”
Tammy Gill
Business Office Manager
Landmark Surgery Center
Woodbury Ambulatory Surgery Center


How does SCOR™ effect the MD Practice?

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How does SCOR™ effect the ASC scheduling staff?

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How does SCOR™ effect the ASC?

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