Easy, Efficient, and Secure Online Patient Pre-Op Screening and Registration

Give your patients the convenience of online pre-admissions assessment

NEW: Intelligent Patient Pre-Admission Forms

User Friendly Online Pre-Admissions

Integrates with the SCOR Scheduling Portal to Maximize Patient Participation

Includes Automated Patient Email Invitations and Reminders

Text Notifications Available as well

Optional Patient Survey


Web-based Patient Pre-Admission Forms

Improve your ability to efficiently collect the patient registration

Provide the information and resources that patients and families need to be ready and prepared for their surgery day. Gives patients the ability to complete their pre-operative medical history as well as provide demographic & insurance information securely online. Intelligent dynamic online forms P- SCOR’s intelligent form will ask appropriate follow-up questions based on patient’s answers. Which means you can get in-depth information. Patient data can be printed onto custom forms!

How much time do your nurses spend
on the phone
chasing patient medical history?

    Print & Export Registrations in PDF, Excel or Edit them later.

Patient is notified by email (or by their MD) that they can complete medical history securely through the web. This means they can complete when it’s convenient and they are prepared. Patient accesses questionnaire through link on your website.


Intelligent Form Design Progressive intelligence is used to ask patient questions that specifically apply to them based on their previous answers. Progressive questions can sharply reduce the number of patients you have to call for more information.

Once completed patient can download pre-operative instructions as well as custom driving directions.

No more lost patients!

The Pre-op staff is notified of submitted form.

They don’t have to play phone tag!

  • You are automatically notified when you receive new patient registration online!
  • One click to view them all.

Pre-Op Nursing staff reviews and can edit responses before finalizing.

Reduce time spent trying to connect with patient and the ensuing 15-30 minute phone call to a 5 minute form review.

Data is then printed in the form format that you specify.

Customized forms mean that you aren’t locked into somebody else’s format.

P-SCOR Value

Significantly reduce phone time for pre-op staff.


  • Revision tracking so you know who modified what in a registration form.
  • Export patient registrations to PDF, Excel and other formats.
  • Integrate link to P-SCOR in your existing website


  • Optional post-op survey with automatic email notification
  • Track and view where your patients are coming from

Reduce errors and improve quality of patient information

  • Save 15-30 minutes of pre-op nurse time
  • Eliminate frustrating phone tag
  • Customized questionnaire means you ask ALL the questions you need –reducing need to call patient for more information
  • Form printing customized to meet your format needs.

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