SCOR™ Scheduling Portal
The end of inefficient scheduling and missed case opportunities.


SCOR originated in 2004 from inside an ambulatory surgery center (ASC). It was conceived to address issues identified by a surgery center which was looking for ways to improve their case volume and efficiency.

The facility’s management and physician owners recognized that their phone & fax-based scheduling process was presenting a significant bottleneck to the surgery center’s performance. They knew they needed a better way for the ASC and physician offices to communicate and schedule outpatient surgery. They also wanted a way to differentiate themselves from competing facilities. It was out of this need that SCOR was born.

By leveraging secure internet technology, SCOR improves the line of communication between the ASC and the physician practice, eliminating the bottlenecks inherent to traditional case scheduling and providing an accountable, convenient and manageable case communication pipeline.

For the past five years,’s SCOR has been providing a HIPAA secure remote scheduling and case communications solution that works with many existing ASC scheduling systems.

While SCOR reduces the time your back office staff needs to spend on case scheduling by over 50%, it doesn’t replace your surgery center scheduler. On the contrary, it vastly empowers and assists them and your facility in more effectively and efficiently meeting the needs of your physician practice customers by adding automated intelligence and anytime availability to your case scheduling and communications process.

Since its inception in 2004 (and every year since) SCOR has continued to evolve beyond the concept of “a better way to schedule” to become an essential communications tool which supports case communications throughout case-life-cycle impacting everyone involved in the origination, execution and completion of outpatient surgery.

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